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ILWU Local 19
Seattle Washington

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The Final Dispatch

This page is dedicated to past members

James H. Allingham 19 Jimmie Stewart 19 Dennis Shore 98
Frederick R. Berg 52 Thomas Tolman 19 Fred W. Hatch 19
Henry Crew 19 John H. Bruce 52 Peter Kalapaca 52
Roy W. Johnson 98 Francis T. Fair 52 Burl S. Raines 19
Paul E. Kollen 19 Eli E. Hepokowski 19 Delbert E. Castle 19
Elias "Dutch" Schultz 19 Alfred Wolfskill 19 James C. Rice 19
Paul S. Mc Cabe 19 James A. Robinson 19 Leslie M. Hennum 19
Erik G. L. Strand 19 Donald W. Miniken 98 G.G. Rosilez 19
Leonard Annabelle 19 Ted H. Glass 19 Joseph H. Cardinale 19
Elmer S. Campbell 19 Edward Alva Hopper 98  

This unofficial site was created and is maintained by rank and file ILWU members
Labor Donated

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