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Charles J. Hanke
1939 - 2011

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Charles Josef Hanke passed away on March 6, 2011. Born a Tlingit/German/Irishman in Bellingham, WA on November 19, 1939 to Fred and Sophie Hanke, Chuck developed a love of nature and cars at a young age.  As a pre-teen, he trekked off alone along the coastline below Chuckanut Drive to spend his weekends camping and fishing. 

At 12, Chuck owned his first car; the first of well over 1000 that he owned in his lifetime. His destiny as a Longshoreman was determined early when, at age 9, he gave himself a tattoo: an anchor on his forearm which was enormous on his child-sized body but tiny on his 6'6' adult frame.  Chuck lived a unique life, especially as a parent. 

In 1969, he married Valerie Curran and lovingly acquired her 3 children Erin, Tasha and Gregg. Together they had Garth. After his 1st marriage ended in divorce, Chuck married ReeAnne Halonen in 1985 and from her gained yet 3 more children: Vince, Mance and Angela. 

Together, they created a welcoming, fun home (warmly known as 73rd & Chaos) which was a safe haven for many, full of good music (especially Blues), good food and humor. 

Chuck regaled us with hilarious stories of his adventurous life, especially working on the waterfront; bringing all who were interested down to the piers to enjoy the view as he tied up freighters. Chuck approached life with a creative eye and the motto ' Normal? Any jerk can be normal!'

He generously shared his love and exceptional sense of humor, once joking at work 'I left a legacy that will last a lunchtime.' Predeceased by his parents, wife ReeAnne, brother Fred Hanke, and granddaughters Vanessa Downing and Samantha Sterkel-Webb. 

Survived by his 7 kids and their children, his sisters Millie, Karla and Rose and a brother Jack, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

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