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Information and Education

ILWU Literature

The Preamble to the ILWU Constitution

Ten Guiding Principles of the ILWU

A Quick Look @ the ILWU

The Role of the ILWU International

How the Union Works

Why the Pacific Coast Pensioners Association
An article about how the PCPA got started why we should join.

What is a Union?

Good Committee Work (From a 1965 ILWU Handbook for members) 

Legal Resources

Basic Legal Rights of Rank & File Union Membership

Right to Strike

Know Your Rights

The Weingarten Rule

National Labor Relations Act

Legal Rights for Union Members & FAQ's

Department of Labor

The Taft Hartley Act

Presidential Injunctions Under the Taft Hartley Act

Occupational Safety & Health Administration


The Hiring hall: The Heart and Muscle of the ILWU

The Coast Contract: Strength Through Solidarity

The ILWU Pension, Health and Welfare Plans

What is a Pie Card Union Official?


Questions on Organizing

Notes on Organizing

About Unions and Workers

Defending Workers Rights Article by Jack Heyman

Reasons for the Development of Unions

The Effects of Inadequate Wages

The Union Shop Versus the Non-Union Shop

The Labor Movement: Violence and Reaction

The Life of a Casual Longshoreman

Working Life

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