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ILWU Local 19
Seattle Washington

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The Final Dispatch

This page is dedicated to past members

John Holmes 19 Bert Pedersen 19 Michael E. Anderson 19
Dennis Bagwell 19 Dominic T. Picinich 19 Henry E. Bolts 19
Mervin L. Smythe 19 John Trowbridge 98 Richard Grosscup 19
Jesse Toro Sr. 98 James Dean 52 Zackary Galbraith 19
John Waddell 32 Gilbert Gutierrez 98 Rudolph Martinez 19
George G. Winthers 52 Jeannie Nutt 19 Jack H. Turner 19
William J. Lacey 19 Martin Mac Kinnon 52 Paul M. Shelvog 52
Paul Stuart 19   Cheng V. Shih 19
killed on the job    

This unofficial site was created and is maintained by rank and file ILWU members
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