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ILWU Local 19
Seattle Washington

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The Final Dispatch

This page is dedicated to past members

Lloyd "Sarge" Holloman 19 Joe Ross Jr. 98 Emanuel F. Hill 19
Norman W. Wivart 19 Clarence D. Hubbard 19 John Kezele 19
Kenny Campbell 19 Carl Tuller 19 Bob Frazier 19
Active Member Active Member Active Member
Jan C. Kassuhn 98 Wayne S. Holt 19 Richard E. Marshall 98
George H. Daly 52 Ricardo "Rick" Cettolin 19 Ardell Havlisch 52
Richard W. Moran 19 Gary Bowen 19 Michael S. Sisti 19
Salvador Gran 19 Louie Evancich 52 Larry Carpenter 98
John Allen Holler 19 Frank Schur 19 Nathaniel Stewart 19
Harold Deller 19 Glennis Parker 19 James Waldean 19
Active Member Active "B" Member Active Member
Mack Williams 19 Dale Carpenter 19  

This unofficial site was created and is maintained by rank and file ILWU members
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