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ILWU Local 19
Seattle Washington

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ILWU & Labor History

ILWU History

The ILWU Story - Six Decades of Militant Unionism

Seattle Waterfront History

Solidarity page


The San Francisco Waterfront: By Herb Mills, 1976

The Hiring hall: The heart and muscle of the ILWU

The Coast Contract: Strength through solidarity

The Blue Book

The Speed-up

The Shape-up

The Big Strike

The Life of the ILWU

Function of Nicknames on the Waterfront  

Mechanization and Modernization Agreement 10-18-1960

Widow with a Message

Longshore Historical Photos

Seattle Waterfront Historical Photo Collection

Past Members of Local 19

The Final Dispatch

Shelvy Daffron Memorial

Shaun Maloney 1911-1999

Jan Fenton 1960 - 2002

Elias 'Dutch' Schultz 1910 - 2006

Patrick Vukich 1941- 2008

Art Mink 1919 - 2011

Harry Bridges

Harry Bridges - Biography

The Remarkable Harry Bridges

Harry Bridges address to the Federated Auxiliaries

Harry Bridges, What was it all about? From the Dispatcher, 1984

Harry the Dragon Slayer

Harry Bridges: Worker, Founder, Visionary Part 1

Harry Bridges: Worker, Founder, Visionary Part 2

Harry Bridges: Worker, Founder, Visionary Part 3

That Commie-Rat, Alien Harry Bridges -- Today a S.F. Hero

Alfred Renton Bridges vs. Dave Daniel Beck The Consequences of their Battles upon the Evolution of Unions

History of Longshore on the West Coast of the US and Australia

Longshore strike of: 1884

Longshore strike of: 1916

In the 1930’s Seattle Scrap Steel was a Case for Trade Sanctions

The Year 1933

Longshore strike of: 1934

The 1934 Longshore Funeral

From the San Francisco Daily News, July 3rd, 4th & 6th 1934

George Seldes on San Francisco's Press and the 1934 General Strike

Coroner's Inquest, San Francisco 1934

Letter from Bridges to Seattle Declaring us the ILWU - 1937

Oakland General Strike of 1946

Press Coverage of the 1948 Strike Vote

The Longshore Strike of 1971

The Sacking of the Australian Wharfies April 8, 1998

Teamsters Organizing Rally May 31, 1998

Neptune Jade Rally - Oakland, Ca  July, 1998

APL China Hits Typhoon en Route to Seattle, Nov. 1998

Port Workers Rally April 1, 1999 Seattle, Washington

The WTO Rally, Nov. 30 - Dec. 3, 1999

The Charleston 5, January 2000

The FTAA Rally, April 21, 2001

The Paul Robeson Memorial Concert - May 18, 2002

ILA, Teamsters, ILWU Solidarity Day - June 27, 2002

The Lockout:  September 28 -- October 8, 2002

The Rite Aid rally February 13, 2009

The EGT Rally June 3, 2011

Labor History

Reasons for the Development of Unions

Mayday 1886 The Eight Hour Movement

The Effects of Inadequate Wages

The Labor Movement: Violence and Reaction

A Brief on U.S. Labor History

The Labor Movement: A Violent Period in American History

Labor History Websites

Harry Bridges Chair in Labor Studies

The Harry Bridges Project

The Harry Bridges Institute

San Francisco and the General Strike - from the September 1934 edition of Survey Graphic Magazine.

Bloody Thursday

Seattle General Strike Project A guide to the historical study of the Seattle General Strike of 1919 and related issues. It features research done by undergraduates in Labor Studies.

Strikes! Labor and Labor History in the Puget Sound

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